How it Works

Step 1: Register Your Team/Organization
Fill out the registration form on the right to sign up. We will email you all of the information you need to get started.


Registration Form PDF Download

Step 2: Tell Your Team/Organization About KHK Africa
Get your team together before or after your next game, and tell them about the Kids Helping Kids Africa program. Look around this website to find out more about SLIMS (Sierra Leone International Mission School). Tell your team what you’ve learned, and why you want to help send Kids in Africa to school at SLIMS. Remember, it only takes $150 to send 1 Kid to school for a whole year!

You may want to print these documents to help explain the Kids Helping Kids Africa program:
Kids Helping Kids Letter PDF
Kids Helping Kids Flyer PDF

Step 3: Collect $12 from Your Teammates
Find out who wants to help send Kids to school in Africa. Remind them to bring you $12 to help. Don’t force someone to give if they don’t want to participate. Just remember that every little bit helps. Have your parents or coach hold onto the money you raise, until you’re ready to send it in.

Step 4: Make a Donation
Now that you’ve collected your team’s donation, it’s time to send it in. You can do this a couple of ways…

Donate to Kids Helping Kids  

Write a check to “SLIMS Africa” and mail it to:
P.O. Box 3962
Alpharetta, GA 30023

Step 5: Check the Thank You List Below
Once we receive your team’s donation we will list your team on our Thank You list below. See all of the people who have helped Kids in Africa. Thank you for your support of our 4,000 kids in Sierra Leone.